Directional Drilling Contractors

4 Benefits of Using Professional Directional-Drilling Contractors

With the constant development, construction, and expansion of urban areas, it is necessary to update infrastructure to meet the demands of a growing population. Add to this the rapid development of technology and the resultant need to upgrade existing infrastructure and you potentially sit with a very disruptive process in an attempt to keep up. This disruption would hamper growth if not addressed and the situation thus necessitates the development of a different approach to provide a suitable solution. In many instances, this solution is provided by professional horizontal directional-drilling contractors.

What is horizontal directional drilling?

As the name implies, this is when contractors bore holes or shafts horizontally underground, rather than straight down. This technique requires specialised equipment and specific skills to execute effectively.

What are the advantages of using horizontal directional-drilling contractors?

  1. It provides an alternative option to surface access. Often, new infrastructure, such as pipes and cables, need to be installed in areas where there is existing buildings, roads that cannot be disrupted, or rivers where excavation is not possible. This is not a problem for horizontal directional drilling contractors as they simply need a small area from which to operate their equipment.
  2. It is less disruptive to daily activities. Imagine roads had to be dug up every time new cables or pipes had to be laid? Or how much money would be lost if an entire airport had to be closed because of a dug-up runway? It is irritating enough when pavements get closed off and excavated, blocking entrances to buildings. Because directional drilling does not require the surface to be disturbed, all of this can be avoided.
  3. It is much more eco-friendly. Much less surface area gets disturbed, which means that there is significantly less damage to the environment. This makes horizontal directional drilling a must for contractors who are working in ecologically sensitive areas.
  4. It is much more cost-effective. First, this process is much faster than cutting the surface for the entire length of the installation. It is much less labour-intensive as well. Combine these two factors and you save significantly on labour costs. Second, because there is much less surface disturbance, much less surface rehabilitation is required, further cutting costs.

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