Horizontal Directional Drilling Companies

What Sets Us Apart from Other Horizontal Directional Drilling Companies

Horizontal directional drilling companies are absolutely vital to modern construction and infrastructure installation. These specialised service providers allow for utilities, pipes, cables, and soil remediation lines to be installed underground with little to no surface interruption.

Because of the methods used by horizontal directional drilling companies, this technique is:

  • less disruptive to everyday life;
  • faster than traditional trench excavation;
  • less labour-intensive;
  • more cost-effective; and
  • friendlier to the environment.

However, it also requires specialised equipment and expertise to take full advantage of the benefits mentioned above. It is, therefore, imperative that you choose wisely when contracting horizontal directional drilling companies.

What sets HPD Drilling apart from other horizontal directional drilling companies?

  • We are a recognised name within the construction industry.
  • We are committed to safe, timeous, high quality, innovative, and cost-effective construction.
  • We have a proven track record for quality project delivery on time and within budget.
  • Our equipment is computer-controlled to assure accuracy and can handle nearly any size or length of bore. It requires very little space for operation, thus minimising surface impact even further and making installations in small spaces possible.
  • Our drill operators are the best in the business, regardless of the location or soil conditions, and they have the experience, training, and certification to prove it.
  • In addition to our bore service, we also have the expertise and equipment to perform underground utility scans, ensuring that we do not disturb any existing infrastructure. This also means that you do not have to involve yet another contractor to perform this function.

If you are in the process of contracting horizontal directional drilling companies, contact us to discuss your project. We have the expertise and credentials to deliver according to your specifications, within your budget, and within your required deadline. Our expert advisers will gladly give their input and provide you with a competitive quote.