Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

Construction is a challenging sector to work in. A plethora of safety regulations must be adhered to throughout the course of a construction project, both on and off site. To add to that, a selection of other requirements dictates the flow and speed of the construction project. Therefore, it is always good to know the most efficient ways to approach certain tasks to optimise productivity.

Drilling will commonly also be a part of a construction project. This process can take time and results in surface disruptions, which is not a viable option in some settings. HPD Drilling offers horizontal directional drilling services and solutions to assist in such cases. The concept of horizontal directional drilling is explained in the name itself. Gaining access to underground areas for the installation of utilities or similar purposes has never been this easy or effective. This type of drilling, also called HDD for short, delivers a trenchless solution for underground access. Without the need for a trench, there is no surface disruption and no need for repairs or landfilling afterwards.

HDD For Your Construction Projects

At HPD Drilling, our horizontal directional drilling services are designed to simplify the process of underground installations, maintenance, and access. HDD penetrates the ground at a near-horizontal angle, following a set drilling path to its designated destination. Once the destination is reached, the drill retracts through the exact same hole for fast and easy access. This method is useful in situations where any type of surface disruption would not be acceptable. It also saves time by eliminating the need for trenches, surface repairs, or repairs due to structural damage.

Our horizontal directional drilling services also require minimal personnel to execute. The drilling process is simplified with the drill head following a designated path. This drilling technique also allows for drilling below bodies of water. Therefore, HDD is a viable solution for drilling in environmentally sensitive areas as well. In the end, if you want a fast and effective solution to drilling, HDD can be just the drilling solution you have been looking for.

We offer horizontal directional drilling services and related solutions for PVC pipe fusing as well. Both these services can save your business a fortune in time and money on your next construction or drilling project. For more information on horizontal directional drilling, feel free to peruse our website. Choose HPD Drilling today and let us deliver useful drilling and pipe-fusing solutions for your business.