When space is tight and there are obstacles at every turn, it might look like you’ve discovered an impossible jobsite.

The Vermeer D9x13 Series II horizontal directional drill easily handles jobs in confined spaces, turning difficult jobsites into finished projects.
At a mere 35.5″ (90.2 cm) in width, the D9x13 Series II has the narrowest
footprint in its class. But its compact size doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on the power. The unit is powered by a 47 hp (35 kW) Kubota diesel engine that provides 9000 lb (40 kN) of thrust pullback force and 1300 ft-lb (1762.6Nm) of torque.

The D9x13 Series II is ideal for use on sensitive surfaces like lawns and golf courses, thanks to a robust undercarriage with oversized tracks. At 9″ (22.9 cm) wide and 56″ (142.2 cm) long, these tracks help disperse machine weight evenly, resulting in just 5.5 psi (.38 bar) of ground pressure and minimal surface disturbance.